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Are there really any foods that genuinely help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol? As we said last week, the answer is a qualified yes. Can Miracle Foods Lower Cholesterol?

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How to Determine the Fruits and Vegetables You Buy Are Grown

The next time you are at a grocery store, here’s a tip you can use to find out how the produce you’re considering buying was grown: Look at the PLU code. The PLU code stands for Price Look Up number and is part of a coding system agreed upon by the Produce Marketing Association and the International Federation for Produce Coding to establish global standards for produce. By knowing what the PLU code means, you can quickly determine whether produce is organic or was commercially grown (using fertilizers and other chemicals) or genetically modified (a GMA food).
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Health Tip of the Day

To protect yourself from arthritis, be sure to get regular exercise. According to researchers, working out for as little as ten minutes a day can make a big difference when it comes to preventing arthritis and other forms of joint disease. In one study, researchers tracked arthritis-free women in their 70's for three years and found that just 75 minutes of exercise a week cut their risk of developing symptoms by 28 percent, while 150 minutes a week decreased their risk by nearly 50 percent. That's because regular exercise improves circulation and helps to keep joints lubricated. For best results, aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day five days a week.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here are some of the best foods you can eat to keep your teeth healthy: Berries, broccoli, celery, chicken, melons, oranges, pasta, pineapples and unsweetened cereals. All of these foods were cited by the US National Institute of Dental Research as being good foods for protecting against tooth decay because they are less likely to eat away at tooth enamel. Of course, you should also brush your teeth every day (ideally after each meal), and also regularly floss your gums. Read more health tips...
Pain-free Swollen Knuckles
You are describing Heberden's nodes, which are the result of ongoing osteoarthritis. Some of these changes are in fact inherited. However, know that the swelling will most likely not persist. It may start and stop over a lifetime and then finally stay. continued inside...

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