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If your blood pressure is only slightly high, your health is in danger - and you might not even know it. Here are some of the changes you can incorporate into your life right now to lower your blood pressure. Evade the Silent Killer

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Environmental Illness: Are You at Risk?

Since the end of World War Two, there has been a rapid rise in the incidence of more complex and chronic diseases. This rise is directly due to environmental factors and has resulted in an entirely new class of health conditions known collectively as environmental illness. Yet, despite rapidly escalating costs associated with the treatment of these illnesses, conventional medicine has proven itself ill-equipped to deal with them, primarily due to its reliance on just treating symptoms and not giving enough attention the causes of such diseases and why they developed in the first place.
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Health Tip of the Day

Surely you've heard the expression, "An apple a day keeps the Health Coach away." It turns out that there is far more truth to this statement than you may think. According to a study conducted by Paul Knekt, PhD, of Finalnd’s National public Health Institute and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat an apple a day reduced their risk of lung cancer by 60 percent, and their risk of both asthma and heart disease by 20 percent. Knekt and other scientists speculate that the health benefits apples provide are due to their high content of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radical damage. To get the most benefit from eating apples, be sure to eat organic apples and wash them thoroughly before eating.

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If you are bothered with foot or nail fungus here's an effective home remedy that often results in a complete cure. Place one inch of cornmeal (both white or yellow cornmeal will work) in a pan large enough for you to place your feet inside, and then add just enough warm water to cover it. Let this solution sit for 30 to 40 minutes. Then place your feet in the pan and pour enough additional warm water to cover them. Soak your feet for one hour. Do this two or three times per week until your fungus problem clears. This same method can also be used to treat athlete's foot and ringworm. Read more health tips...
Pain-free Swollen Knuckles
You are describing Heberden's nodes, which are the result of ongoing osteoarthritis. Some of these changes are in fact inherited. However, know that the swelling will most likely not persist. It may start and stop over a lifetime and then finally stay. continued inside...

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